The World of Banking Without a Bank

The all-in-one mobile wallet that simplifies payment and your financial management. Pay with QR, transfer funds, pay bills, reload your mobile, and cash out your wallet balance with MPay Mastercard Prepaid Card.


Everyone is welcome to open an account to address all your banking needs, including saving, paying, transferring, investing, and more.

Open an account in 5 minutes from your mobile device – anytime, anywhere, or on the go. We onboard you online. All we need is your ID/Passport for verification.

Go cashless all the way. Make a payment purchase just by scanning QR Code at the counter. 

Send or request money easily from your MPay WALET anytime, anywhere.

Reload your mobile prepaid credit and pay all your utilities bill effortlessly.

Get exciting vouchers and coupons for greater savings.

Earn up to 18% per annum returns by investing in our licensed and regulated app accessible from MPay WALET. You can start investing as little as RM100 with a few clicks.

Link your MPay WALET with MPay Mastercard Prepaid Card to start moving money from your wallet to cash and vice versa. Withdraw from any ATM that supports Mastercard.

Start banking with MPay WALET and manage your money better

Make faster payments and explore how you can make your money work harder for you