Finance your business with working capital in no time.

QuicKash is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) financing platform registered with Securities Commission Malaysia (SC).

Transform your Business Financing.

Peer-to-peer financing takes the concept of businesses raising money from family and friends and expanding it on a commercial scale. QuicKash is designed to unite investors with businesses on our revolutionary P2P financing platform. By bypassing the traditional banking system, and introducing Issuers directly to potential Investors, we essentially lower the cost of financing, allowing businesses (Issuers) to enjoy better rates, and Investors to benefit from attractive, risk-adjusted returns.

How P2P Financing Works

Perfect for financing business growth and opportunities.

Benefits for Issuers
Benefits for Issuers
Quick and easy online application process with Short to Medium Financing Tenure options.
Benefits for Investors
Benefits for Investors
Diversify Investment Portfolio with a low entry point from RM100 to as high as your risk appetite allows.

QuicKash Features

SC Regulated
Stringent guidelines have been put in place to ensure both Investors and Issuers are protected.
Easy & Quick
Simple application process, fast credit decision, and faster funding.
Short Tenure
Low operating cost model enables a lower cost of funding for small businesses.
Safe & Secure
SC guidelines the investors' funds to be held in a Trustee Account maintained with a licensed financial institution.
High Returns
Depending on the Issuer's risk scoring, we are able to offer interest rates of at least 8% to as high as 18%!
Data Analysis
Credit Risk Assessment
Collection & Recovery
Fundraising Promotions
Administration and Disbursement

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